Roles (Part 2) - Luca Bosani

Live Performance, March 2014

Photography - Lucile Schardt

Roles (Part 2) - Luca Bosani

Live Performance, March 2014

Photography - Lucile Schardt

Roles (Part 1) - Luca Bosani

Live Performance, March 2014

Photography - Lucile Schardt

Roles (Excerpt) - Luca Bosani

10:01 min of 60 min, Live Performance, Hortensia Gallery, Kensington and Chelsea College, March 2014

In “Roles”, a live Performance for a specific space, a gallery, I try to explore when a person is seen as the performer, viewer or the work itself. In particular I want to investigate when and how is possible to distinguish the different roles.

To do this, I blend these different figures staging unclear situations.

In the first part I act like a viewer but my aspect is completely different from the rest of the public.

 In the second part I place myself in a frame as a painting or a sculpure, becoming a part of the wall.

I am static and passive, the mirror instead is active and constantly changing reflecting what sorrounds me.

Activating the mirror and incorporating the public in the work, is not clear what or who is the work.

 The role of the audience is crucial in the judgment of the work and in the success or not of an art piece and the mirror is a way to communicate this relationship.

"Dear Piero," (exhibition view) - Luca Bosani

150x198cm, Digitally edited Photograph, February 2014

"Dear Piero," - Luca Bosani

150x198cm, Digitally edited Photograph, February 2014

“Dear Piero,” is an homage to the artist Piero Manzoni.

“Artist’s Shit” (1961) is probably the most known and discussed work of Manzoni.

Despite being passed over fifty years I think that “Artist’s Shit” remains extremely contemporary and at the centre of discussions that attempt to define what is “Art” and what is not.

Using a photograph of my faeces I try to create a pleasant image.

My aim is to invert the “normal” disgust to the sight of faeces into visual pleasure.

The technique is inspired by recent works of Jiri Georg Dokoupil made using pornographic images.

The original photograph of the faeces, decreased in size, is hidden and reproduced in a big portrait of myself.

The feces, discarded from my body are now defining my face.

The portrait is reminiscent of a large size ID photograph, a recurring theme in my practice. 

With “Dear Piero,” I want to intrigue, surprise and trick the viewer.

After Piero Manzoni various renowned artists such as Chris Ofili, Paul Mccarthy, Dieter Roth and Gilbert and George used faeces in their practice; this is my contribute.

"ILAD" - Luca Bosani

69x93cm, Spray paint, Oil paint, Acrylic paint, Eye-liner on Found painting, February 2014

“Ilad” is a painting which like “He was Praying” tries to communicate a state of mind, in this case confusion and overthinking. 

Starting from the mind, the ideas are incorporating and canceling the body, hands and feet are taken from the vortex of thoughts and starting from the original position reach the head. The body becomes insubstantial and enclosed in itself. 

The painting is hung in a stable position but the inclination and the light suggest instability and precarious balance.

The text “Ilad”, on top right, is a term taken from the performance “The Bic Art Room”(1981), Jan Fabre; the meaning that I gave to this word is “person obsessed by something” as “Ilad of …”.

"He was Praying" - Luca Bosani

91x123cm, Spray paint, Oil paint, Acrylic paint, Eye-liner on wood board, February 2014

“He was Praying” is a painting that I made just after performing one of the four videos that in “Pastime” (the bottom left video in which I cover my eyes and mouth with lines).

During the performance, on the opposite seat of the tube, there was a man who was praying and and staring on me. I thought maybe he was praying for me and probably he was thinking that I was mentally ill. Just after making the video, I left the tube and started to feel a block in my stomach, feeling guilty for what I did. I was questioning myself about why I was making this performance and what is the sense of making art.

With this painting I am trying to express this mental and physical state.

"Pastime" - Luca Bosani

22:41 min, January - February 2014

“Pastime” is a Video composed of four different Performances, recorded with my laptop, that I made on the Public transport of London during January and February 2014.

This work takes inspiration from my discomfort over losing time during my trips around London and from the displeasure that I feel towards the behavior of other people on trains.

Most of the passengers are playing games with their I-phones or just waiting their stop doing nothing. Many girls are even putting make-up on, on the underground, a thing that I find really unpleasant.

I decided so to invent a creative pastime  to entertain myself and maybe some of the passengers on the train with me giving something more to their anonymous and ordinary trips.

Covering my face with eye-liner marks, I create an unusual situation, my aim was encourages the viewers  to reflect on which behaviour mine or theirs is more interesting and productive

I wanted even to raise questions about the reasons why I was making this action and about my real or alleged  “craziness”.

This project is mainly inspired by “Family Tree”(2000), Zhang Huan and “Art Make Up”(1967-1968), Bruce Nauman.



- LIVE PERFORMANCE “Roles”- 26 March 7.00-8.30 pm

- “Pastime” - Video Performance, January - February 2014

- “Dear Piero,” - Digitally edited Photograph, January 2014


"Things that will lead nowhere 1" - Luca Bosani

3:03 min, February 2014

"I-YOU" (5) - Luca Bosani

Performance, January 2014

Photography - Lucile Schardt